“Alien at Home” OnLine Album Release by UniquilibriuM

OnLine Album Release by UniquilibriuM

Alien at Home

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All guitars and bass performed live by Donald Dias. All drums and vocals performed live by Hakeem Alexander. No overdubs or multi-tracking. All songs completely improvised and recorded in a single session using a Zoom H4n in a bedroom at Reseda Ranch on Strathern in Los Angeles, California.

Click the image below to see Donald vs Hakeem

Hakeem VS Donald

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  1. Is It Real? [0:00 – 8:35]
  2. 1:14 [8:36 – 9:52]
  3. Die To “Why”? [ 9:53 – 17:07]
  4. Soul Fly [17:07 – 21:58]
  5. Up On You [21:59 – 23:29]
  6. Obtuse Angel [23:30 – 27:42]
  7. Yve 7.23 [27:43 – 35:06]
  8. Frequency Squeal [35:07 – 35:39]
  9. Samurai Yoni [35:40 – 42:11]
  10. Vulkano [42:12 – 45:00]

Hear how it all started in this PodCast hangout with Hakeem and Donald >LISTEN<

Watch the “Wierd” VIDEO for track #10 “Vulkano >HERE<

Lay My Heart To Rest” was released December 26th 2014 as a solo acoustic project by Hakeem Alexander. Click >HERE< to listen

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