M.C. Narcissist & Heavy Metal Narcissism With 7 Extreme Metal Recordings

(Flor and Hakeem) It’s my podcast and I’ll rock if I want to. Thankfully it’s not your podcast.

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It’s about music. Don’t bother about how much you can hear my voice at 1st. I’ll allow you to hear it is soon. I’m not a genre guy, and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.

For sure you’ll hear music, and I’ll describe it to you as best as I can. There are 7 songs that I will play. Just a head’s up, I am the vocalist on all of theses tracks. SO, let’s embark upon a little history trip.

The 1st track may be the worst if you are a hard-core meta; fan, but I had to do it. Narcissistic tendencies take a back seat for no one. However, keep listening for some shocking, heavy-metal surprises!

Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander = M.C. Narcissist

1. Holding It Down – Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander aka Rap Carnage
2. Play My Game – Robert Woods LaDue & Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander
3. Kick A Hole In The Wall – Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander / Music Maker Jam
4. Kang Lang Muy Thai – Pungent Stench & Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander
5. Fuck The World – Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander
6. Rise From the Ashes – Keith Merrow & Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander
7. Demonic Indignation – AcrimoniuM = Dan Velleuix, Doug Humlack, Douglas Mahoney, Carlos, Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander (Mordekai)

Encyclopaedia Metallum

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