(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios DeCoherence Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally Classical Opera, Heavy Metal, Wind, and Brass! Listen to “DeCoherence” on Spreaker. FREE MP3 DownLoads ForEver –>   … Continue reading


(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios Bi-Location A funky, groovy, chill track with flute, guitar, drums, bass, piano and more! Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally  Listen to “Bi-Location” on Spreaker. FREE DOWNLOADS on … Continue reading

The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear)

(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios The Noble Gasses Sounds Of Fear Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally Listen to “The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear)” on Spreaker. Created for Halloween 2016 for the “Sounds Of Fear” promotion on Music Maker Jam. … Continue reading

Matrices and Vectors

(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios Matrices and Vectors Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally  Listen to “Matrices And Vectors” on Spreaker. It is fantastic to be able to build the music that you want to hear in the palm of your … Continue reading

Rare Earth Medals

(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally Rare Earth Medals Listen to “Rare Earth Medals” on Spreaker. Also on YouTube <— HERE … Continue reading

The Police Are Killing Me

  (SIX13 RECORDS)     LYRICS: Oh Yeah!!! It’s Killing me! Right! its killing me! Seeds of anger, grow inside me Constant pressure, breeds insanity It’s like I’m all alone in the world and no one understands Am I to … Continue reading

Sick Of Standing (in Shit)

(SIX13 RECORDS) Sick Of Standing in Sh!t? Me too. Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally   LYRICS: I’m so sick of you lookin’ at me Like you’re so much better than me I can’ stand it, your damn envy Do … Continue reading

Best 5 BillBoard Songs ReMade by Heavy Metal Bands

(SIX13 RECORDS) My Best 5 pick of Billboard Chart Topping Songs Remade by Heavy Metal Bands. Check out the list of artists and the trivia below. Treat Stress & Depression Naturally Home Summer Breeze Word Up Easy Smooth Criminal Inner City … Continue reading

L.A. Times: Drunken African-American Yodeling by Hakeem Alexander

(SIX13 RECORDS) Yes, this song was actually recorded on a Sunday in 2013 inside the tomb of the Los Angeles Times building in Los Angeles, California. Ancient Chinese Stress Relief Modernized for Maximum Results Donald Dias and Hakeem  Alexander spent … Continue reading

Angels Lying Dead: Love. Wisdom. Death.

(SIX13 RECORDS) There are times in our lives when we are visited by Angels. They stay for a while and we often fall in love with them. Sometimes they fly away. Sometimes they die All songs written & recorded by … Continue reading