Horus Rising: Gene of Isis = Genesis

berimbau Hakeem guitar Donald

(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios Donald Dias Guitar / Hakeem Alexander Vocals LIVE Improvisation Horus Risinng Lyrics Face, your side; Facing away from the Sun… Rise. Opening the day Your soul abounds you Gene of Isis, I’m not surprised, no. … Continue reading

Angels Lying Dead: Love. Wisdom. Death.

Angels Die

(SIX13 RECORDS) There are times in our lives when we are visited by Angels. They stay for a while and we often fall in love with them. Sometimes they fly away. Sometimes they die All songs written & recorded by … Continue reading

Hakeem’s Stench: The Mix-TapeWorm – Featuring Music by Pungent Stench from “Club Mondo Bizarre” [1994]

Hakeem in Danger

(SIX13 RECORDS) Club Mondo Bizarre – For Members Only is the third album of the Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench. “Hakeem’s Stench” is the project name I gave to these 2 tracks using the Pungent Stench backing tracks for … Continue reading

AntiTerrorist from the album “i was this”

guitar assault

Published on Jan 17, 2016 Images sewn together on YouTube for tequila inspired, September 11th music by Hakeem Alexander From the album “i was this” released September 11th 2015 REd COiN: i was this #SIX13RECORDS #HypnoAthletics #SwordPaper #ExercisingYourMind #KappaGuerra #UniquilibriuM … Continue reading

“Alien at Home” OnLine Album Release by UniquilibriuM

GrandMaster Hakeem Alexander

OnLine Album Release by UniquilibriuM “Alien at Home“ FREE to Stream & DownLoad All guitars and bass performed live by Donald Dias. All drums and vocals performed live by Hakeem Alexander. No overdubs or multi-tracking. All songs completely improvised and … Continue reading

“Alien At Home” – New Album by UniquilibriuM | December 26th 2015 OnLine Release on www.AcrimoniuM.com


December 26th 2015 OnLine Release on www.AcrimoniuM.com “Alien At Home” – New Album by UniquilibriuM Live jam sessions with Donald Dias on Guitar and Bass and Hakeem Alexander on Drums and Vocals. “Lay My Heart To Rest” the solo, acoustic … Continue reading

String Percussion Trio: Berimbau Jam Session at Corpo e Movimento

Berimbau Jam Session at Corpo e Movimento: String Percussion Trio Published on Jan 12, 2015 “Gigante”, “Lampiao”, and “Garra” practice Berimbau at Mestre Pele’s Capoeira Academy; Corpo e Movimento – during Hakeem Alexander’s January 2014 visit to Ft. Lauderdale Florida … Continue reading

REd COiN: i was this

i was this

i was this by REd COiN 1. It’s like knowing the showers are really gas chambers / 2. Men are crying without love / 3. In death I confide to take me away / 4. Imagine a future when we … Continue reading

Ralien Camp Presents: GETUNINZ and AREPO O WUN

XEMU Monsanto 44_std

Listen to music produced, performed, and recorded by “aliens” learning human vocal patterns by using singing as a linguistic and cultural integration exercise. Ralien Camp Organization [RCO] A lot of people are unaware that there is a non-human being, military-like … Continue reading

Panacea (ACT II – “ONE”)

[ACT I] of Panacea is called “LOVE”, and is track # 6 on the FREE album release of “Lay My Heart To Rest“ WATCH: ACT II “ONE” in the video below right now… LYRICS In my dreams, I do see … Continue reading