Veil of Chains by Celestial Cauldron (DEMO) This Band IS Real

(M.C. Narcissist) Veil Of Chains by Celestial Cauldron is music by Robert Woods LaDue and vocals by Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander.

What’s happening here?

Robert Woods LaDue sees a Metal AI Bot with the handle “This Band Is Not Real” posting band names, song titles, with album covers on Twitter – proceeds to compose original tracks for them and sends them to Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander (M.C. Narcissist) to record vocals.


Veil of Chains!

Within the darkness my withered hand reaches in to grab on to the ancient

Veil of Chains

that have bound me to your SICKNESS

You took away everything that meant any-thing… TO ME

What does LOVE…?

It means nothing to you it means nothing to you

It means that you are a LIE

SHE meant EVERYTHING to me but you don’t seem to care about…

Because you are

“The God of the Universe”

You don’t care about any-thing ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You don’t care about it, about nothing

We are… And IF we are to submit… If we are to submit

You try to make me SUBMIT

By taking every-thing that


I bow to no one; I bow to nothing

I bow to no one

And I will never submit to you

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