Horus Rising: Gene of Isis = Genesis

(SIX13 RECORDS) REd COiN Studios

Donald Dias Guitar / Hakeem Alexander Vocals

LIVE Improvisation

Horus Risinng


Face, your side;

Facing away from the Sun…


Opening the day

Your soul abounds you

Gene of Isis,

I’m not surprised, no.

Take what you..

Take what you will, and I’ll give back just as much

as I’m given

Green things fly, as I spectralize.

Where do we go to just in case,

We wanna turn on the lights?

What do we do instead of waste?

We do wrong instead of right,

When will that ever be okay?

Will I make it, break into I..

I have to fight

Is it in the over and understanding?

I am demanding more.

Just a little bit more…

Is less really more?

Is less anymore?

Distressing anymore,

I’m guessing that’s the floor.

Amber waves I am riding

Anti-Gravity, not surprising

No Horizon, Horus Rising.

Escape the Dog Star,

let it sink its Canine Major (Canis Major)

Into the flesh of the intruder.

Oh I, own nothing,

I own nothing

It don’t belong to, it don’t belong to… to

Guess I’ll be back, I’m not a stag.

Face. Then face away.

Go your way.

I encourage this

I invoke this

I am none of this

And all of this

All of this, none of this

Oh where?

Oh, oh no…

I don’t where I am

I don’t where I am.

Celestial navigation failing me

Does the magnet go, is it in front of me?

Is it North, or do I turn about?

GrandMaster Hakeem Alexander

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