Black History (1998 #53)

Through the years its been recorded
The past of our great countries
Of how the world has been rewarded
And also our grimmest tragedies

Through the ages of expansion
We progressed but with one glitch
The plantation owners in the mansion
Denied others freedom while becoming rich

The invasion into the west
Europeans’ proud conquest
The “indians” are savages that they detest
So they kill them off just like the rest

A civil war, Pearl Harbor’s bombing
And Hiroshima’s nuclear frost
Plus something even more alarming
Adolf Hitler’s sick, heartless holocaust

Years of religious persecution
Industrial depression and revolution
The world is an expanding institution
Full of chemical and political pollution

Now science rapidly advances
Providing pain and luxury
Giving the Earth even more chances
To exist in comfort or misery

And now its not just nation against nation
But sexually transmitted disease
Nor is it just race against race decimation
But the dying foundations of families

The heart of man is growing colder
And social morality is running wild
Where guns were once in the hands of soldiers
Triggers lie now in the hands of a child

With hatred now in control
We have created our own dark past
The entire planet as a whole
Does not seem like it will last

So its not just savages in caves
But an entire existence in misery
We have become our own slaves
Burdened by our own Black History

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