Finding Shadows

(A collection of Tanka: 5-7-5-7-7)

So many beliefs
In what do we put our faith?
Must we trust ourselves?
Seeking the truth from within
Finding the way in all things

Such great adventures
Traveling to distant worlds
Dreams of scientists
To find “extra-solar” life
Manifest in my journeys

Does anyone know,
for certain what will happen
Two-thousand and twelve?
We must prepare to preserve
Human continuity

I am absolute
Just as within all of us
Meditating on
Metaphysical musings
A path to enlightenment

It fascinates me
How such great darkness and light
Exists together
Balancing the brightest stars
Withing a sea of shadows

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  1. This poem touches on light and dark…kind of even gives me a sense of good and they are opposites and yet co-exist…I also get a sense of contemplation…like we don’t know whats to come in the far off future but somehow we must prepare for it…whatever beliefs we hold and process our experiences through….a shadow starts where the light is blocked, so if one keeps the sun directly above there is little or no shadow around(interesting concept symbolically).

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