Project 2-1-2010

A collection of Haiku: 5-7-5 and Tanka: 5-7-5-7-7

Just filling in blanks
Such a simple thing to do
How I master words

It takes no effort
To create and write a verse
In mind or a page

Nothing seen is real
Manifestations are mind
Projecting the past

I fill space with words
As I’m emptying my mind
Of real fantasies

Enough room is here
For three lines of great magick
Spells in ancient form

I am a wizard
Because I say that I am
That is true power

Create form from void
By linking past with present
Illusions seem real

Converting this book
Into a store house of wealth
Filled with my visions

Unlocking the mind
I unleash the wonderful
Free to be untamed

Perhaps, I am told
Existence is illusion
To dream what will be

What is there to say
To ears linked to a closed mind
The worst kind of deaf


Genetically altered
Transgenic mutant

Your health is wealth
A body in peril weeps
Just as starving waifs

I can not be sad
For the world is meaningless
Just as are my thoughts

Running into walls
I smash the bricks with my bones
Super-human dreams

Man’s wars are petty
As we may soon be destroyed
Much like dinosaurs

Melting in the sun
Mountain snow streams down the slope
Feeding lakes below

Earthquake in the sea
Ocean waves above the land
Consumed by the flood

In the midst of storms
I hear the cries of wild beasts
And though I am still
My heart dwells in empathy
Beneath the veil of my calm

Death is a lady
With bone armor and skull mask
A curved blade stirs fear
Though lust is her true weapon
When her body is revealed

Take hold of your thoughts
Or you will die as a slave
In the land of kings

How close can we be?
Physical intimacy
Does not close the gap
Instead we shall join our minds
To unite our lovely souls

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