The Always Faithful Killing Machine is the AntiTerrorist

The Always Faithful Killing Machine is the AntiTerrorist12 Years Of World Trade Center Vengeance


“…They don’t have a military that matches up with ours – in any kind of way.” – President Barack Obama on Syria

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[You will also watch and listen to “Changing Flowers” AFTER you get through these two tracks…]

The “War On Terror” has been on since two airplanes apparently crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City, supposedly at the will of Islamic / Muslim terrorists from various Middle-Eastern countries.

I am of course discussing the attacks of September 11th, 2001.


When a few commercial airplanes full of passengers was hijacked and then crashed into buildings. The Twin Towers in New York and The Pentagon in Washington D.C..

The dawn of the AntiTerrorist.

Everybody wanted a piece of Saddam Hussein and Osam Bin Laden. No one wanted peace with them it seemed.

Only Revenge and Death.

With green berets and hand grenades, out went the infantry with the jets and bombs. Our sisters and brothers set out overseeas to kill our sisters and brothers.

And they came back with the all too familiar tune of the Killing Machine.

Always Faithful – Tried and True.

Red, White and Blue.

Always Faithful aka Killing Machine (Memorial Day 5-27-2013) Unit 623 [Video and Lyrics]


Uncle Sam said that he would pay for school if I enlist
All I have to do is go overseas and take out the enemies on his list

And so I am separated from myself, separated from who I really am
They paint this picture of a war and say “enemy combatants” like it’s “US against them”

But I still pick up my sniper rifle and my flak jacket Cuz I’m ready to ship out
And if the world needs a reminder they’re gonna get it cuz the corp is gonna show ’em what it’s about…


I’m a killing machine x 4

Every morning I arose to a scorching sun and hot blazing sands
And all my brothers in the corps seem to think that we’ve arrived in a God-forsaken land

Well maybe that’s because our smart bombs are killing families there’s so much blood on our hands
And some seem to believe that we are the new terrorist regime cuz it comes from the chain of command

But I still do it because

I’m a killing machine x 4

I’ve never stood alone
Out on the battle field
Though sometimes I wish it was a bad dream
I know it is surreal (so surreal)

I’m a killing machine

So now I’m back state-side tryin’ to get a little rest and some peace (yeah right)
Cuz even though my body’s home my mind and soul are still stuck out in the Middle-East

And my psychiatrist he tells me that I’m suffering from something they call P.T.S.D.
But I insist right now as I always will that there aint nothing wrong with me

Cuz don’t you remember it was I who signed those papers and I did so voluntarily
So even though the corps has honed my skills I really believe that I always was

and I will always be

Just a killing machine

Oh no xAlways Faithful aka Killing Machine (January 2012)


The AntiTerrorist In You


Of course there was a very different song being screamed at the top of many lungs when this whole “War on Terror” and AntiTerrorist sentiment was raging.It was quite a different tune indeed. There was gung-ho enthusiasm to locate and eliminate the “enemy”. Those who were not with us were against us.


War changes you. The troops came back and told us stories of horror and suffering. Of their own torment and the soul torture of their sister and brothers – foreign and domestic.

Are you more disturbed by war, or Heavy Metal?
Maybe you would like to go to war while blasting Heavy Metal?

AntiTerrorist [lyrics and audio] 9-11-2004 version





I pledge my allegiance to the flag
with a fucking gun in my hand

ready to enlist in “the corp” for the war
that we fight against the “terrorist land”

Raise up your Red, White and Blue,
Rise up and be not subdued,

Show the world “Old Glory’s” anew
and your not afraid to prove this is true.

Hiding out in the shadows
you’re just so pitiful

cuz you’re afraid of “America the Beautiful”

and we remain defiant,
you have “awakened a sleeping GIANT”

Fear will not imprison US;
we will not be enslaved,

when I woke up this morning it was still
“The land of the Free and the home of the Brave…..

AntiTerrorist!!!!!!! x2

“United we stand, divided we fall”
From what I can see we’re standing up tall

and marching on to victory,
Preserving our great democracy

Just think for a minute
you got yourself in it
and now you’re gonna have to fucken deal with it

did you think we would just let it be?
Where the hell have you been?
We’re fucken Americans

We’ve fought for years for freedom and peace
so when it comes to this…

you’d better believe that we’re ready, we’re gonna rock steady
and MAKE those who don’t get it – get it
(get this)

We all have cried for those who died
But now it’s time to rise

amidst the violence
take a moment of silence….


AntiTerrorist!!!!! x 4


2001 – A Space OdysseyAs a space and span of 12-years has passed.


Anti-Terrorist 9-18-2001 sketch-recording with harmonic vocal finale


Don’t Hurt Buildings” improv comedy skit by “Willy Chirinito”
Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu Master – SkyScraper Rant


Obama on Russia’s Syria chemical weapons proposal: ‘Take it with a grain of salt

– World News / NBC NEWS
Oh boy


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