Medical Marijuana: The Murder of Minds

The Murder of Minds

Medical Marijuana

You are all fucking idiots. And if that gets you to stop reading this, then very good for me and the boys at the top.

It means we will continue using your back as a footstool and wiping the soil, mud and shit from our boots on your face.

And we spit in your face.

And there will be no resistance. Because you will continue to believe that you are free. But I assure you that you are not.

mind is my fucking slave! We are your masters and you remain clueless
because you have no idea what it means to be illuminati.

think that enlightenment is something for buddhists and yogis only. You
think that illuminated is something that has to do with Roy G. Biv.

But what you refuse
to accept is what keeps you captive. What you have no understanding of
is that you are in the dark if you only see with visible light.

That’s the bigger picture.

One small part of that is that you are a stupid pot-head. A worthless drug addict that believes that the weed you are smoking is virtually harmless.

But you have just fallen prey to one of the greatest hoaxes. You are a dumb-ass.

live in a grand illusion dope-smoke and mirrors. So thick is the smoke
that you don’t even see your pathetic, enslaved reflection.

You are a puppet on a string. And it is slowly closing as a noose around the air supply to your quietly dimming brain.

true fuck-up. Even if you are not also a drunk and a cigarette smoker,
you are in the same no win, dead-end game. But I and the men at the top

The same model that was used to spread out the use of pharmaceutical drugs, especially the psychiatric ones has been used to promote your precious marijuana.

It dulls your senses ans steals the memories you would need to actually know the truth of the prison you are really in.

you can’t even see the walls. You are so numb you don’t even feel the
walls when you run blindly into them; you just pass out.

why would you smell that it is your ass cooking on the fire when you
are hot-boxed in the stench of a marijuana cloud. Jackass.

You’ve been fucked. Bamboozled. Yet you are to dumb or proud to just let it go and be free. You choose to be a slave.

But what else should be expected of you? You are weak and stupid just like the rest of the mortal humans.

As soon as there is even the smallest amount of difficulty, you stop fighting “because it hurts”. Wussy. Pussy. Bitch!

are nothing but a chump. And I can go on and on. But you will just
“medicate” the emotional pain with another toke. Another hit.

of gradually reducing to zero, the scientifically proven and most
effective way for hard core addicts like you, you instead choose a
sudden stop.

sure way to cause you maximum pain and discomfort and ensure your
return. You are a life-time customer. Feeding the machine that will
grind you.

have collected a list of the intractable addicts. Those who will not
board the outbound ship when the meaty-whore, meteor crushes the planet.

the finest slaves for the kitchen and the harem and the dumbest and
strongest for the pits and mines will board with the league of masters.

And when there is no more use for them, they will be ejected like so much waste and trash back towards the dying Earth to burn with it.

And you keep burning your herb. Partying and believing it is so safe in comparison to alcohol, tobacco and the “hard drugs”.

Sure we will use the hemp to make 2 x 4s, clothing, canvas, paints, food, certain medicines and the bodies of our spacecraft with the hemp plant.

Of course there are benefits of this super weed that we have engineered. But it is an ingenious design. It frees us while enslaving you.

We shall have more life while the murder of minds not aware goes unnoticed and you perish into oblivion.

Oh the beauty of it all. How we Star of David and conquer you weaklings without pity. Survival of the smartest.

all we had to do to see who was really illumined was to let be. Allow
the dumb and lame to reveal yourselves with your addictions.

Your foolish, health-destroying addictions to tobacco, alcohol and food! To food! You fools!

You sit around and get fat and depend upon technology to do your thinking and the athletes to do your exercise.

hooray” you say. “We are getting some freedom and finally being told
the truth about the healing power of plants. Marijuana! Yay!”

mutherfucker, die. There are too many of you and I want to jump this
rock soon. There are much cooler places to visit than this prison

But oh, the job of an overseer. We have to be down here on the plantation for a bit with the pieces. With our mules.

So toke up the greens. Take a puff and pass it down. Just like Big-Pharma has made its way into the streets, now marijuana has become medical.

The same purpose just two different routes to ensure the biggest net and funnel sweep of all the garbage is taken out.

And how can I be so cruel? It is not if you really think about it. ut thinking is not one of your strong pints is it.

and drinking and fucking and polluting and breeding your stupidity is.
So I will detail your dull-mined self-destruction for you.

I am not cruel. You are. To yourself, your family and your friends.

even though you can feel something wrong with use that is not moderate.
Even though you lose your memory and your breath.

though it makes you crave excess carbs and keeps you couch-locked
without activity so that you keep getting fatter and sicker, you puff.

though most of the edibles are not organic and contain the high
fructose corn syrup, the partially hydrogenated oils, the pesticides and
hormone laced animal products that made you ill enough for a doctors
recommendation; if you were not jut faking to be ill; you still poison

do it to yourself and therefore self elect to be wiped off of the
escape list and from the Earth when it is rained upon by fire and

What? You don’t remember being abducted, raped and operated upon by non-human, extra-terrestrials. Thanks to cannabis!

For those who have a genetic resistance to the alien mind-wipe technology, there’s always weed to cover up their tracks.

what stoner has any credibility these days? Who will believe some drug
addict that E.T. came and removed a HumAlien hybrid from your sister’s

A sedative hypnotic of the finest and most subtle form. The G-Coupled Protein System, those anandamides…

Who would believe a pot-head’s story about being brought aboard a ship and forced to participate in humiliating breeding pools?

Experiment with drugs? I guess you believe in long-term testing, huh? Life-long. But your life aint that long.

How much of your so-called life do you actually remember?

I would be surprised if you even know what is real. You can not know what is royal because you are a slave!

keep on puffing and passing the magic dragon. Continue to keep yourself
in bondage and lead yourself to the self appointed slaughter.

is the best technology. The murder of minds is in your own hands.
Doctor assisted suicide with your so-called “medical marijuana”.

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