ArithMetaPhysics and Holographic Algebra: Two Sides of the Same Coin

(Exercising Your Mind) Writing and reading are very powerful ways to sufficiently motivate yourself to take action towards attaining your goals. For writing, one of the main reasons for its power to inspire is because it is one of the simplest and most direct methods of transforming a non-physical or intangible thought, into a physical, material, tangible object – a document that you can see and feel. Like singing or dancing, it is a simple act of creation throgh self expression.

Holographic-Algebra, sometimes called ArithMetaPhysics, is “a written self-hypnosis exercise using abstract analogies of mathematics and technology as a memorable and fun motivation towards specified or general goals.” I use writing and reading as analogies for producing holographic plates and projecting the 3-dimensional hologram or manifestation through enlightened desire!

Holographic-Algebra to me, as I will attempt to elucidate, is a means to integrate intangible thoughts and desires, with the tangible ability to write and read. This is a form of motivation to action towards specific goals, or what I refer to as PETs: Personal Exploration Topics.

I am offering these Synaesthetic Mnemonic Devices or Multi-Sensory Memory Tools, as Self-Hypnosis Exercises (SHE) for Creative Visualization and Imagery. After reading and understanding the ideas, you will be able to use just the phrases Holographic-Algebra or ArithMetaPhysics as keys or triggers for your personal post-hypnotic suggestion.

The main idea: Writing is recording as reference to specific ideas, events, objects and people. What you may jot down freely as your thoughts reflect your inner states at the time of writing. Conversely, writing about specified ideas may change your inner state. You may then read back what you have written to trigger the desired state and/or to reenforce the state as a conditioned response of your choosing.

What basically follows is an interesting way to meditate upon how written words effect our subconscious and manifest in our physical reality. It is just a metaphysical-science thought experiment about the mechanics of mental transmutatuion into material reality. I realize that I myself find these types of rituals beneficial as memory tools, to embed a concept that sufficiently motivates me to be creative and productive. Understand that I have coined words and phrases for this purpose. One simple reason is that it is enjoyable to me, and activities which are fun tend to be very motivating and inspiring! So I once again share the inner workings of my personal trance work for you to perhaps discover some utility within it for yourself. 

You are probably already aware of the following terms. However, as an introduction to this presentation, I will put forth a few definitions of the individual words that are the foundations of this study and practice of ArithMetaPhysics and Holographic-Algebra. This will be useful in following how I integrate the broken parts into the whole message, and may serve as a guide to my rationale. 

Arithmetic is using the operators of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on integers, complex numbers, real numbers and rational numbers.

Meta- is a combining form prefix, going before a word, that means beyond, after, a second order or a higher kind.

Physics is the study of the relationships between matter, energy, space, and time. Also the study of specific physical systems, by applying physical theories.

Metaphysics is beyond or higher than the physical, and thus refers to studying anything mental or spiritual which is not yet tangible by the accepted, current means of observation and measurement in physics.

Holograph  is an adjective describing a document that is written in whole by the person named as the author of the document. Derived from the Greek words holos meaning whole, and graphe which means writing.

Holography is the study and production of holograms.

Hologram is the 3D image produced when the intensity and phase or frequency information of light is encoded onto film. Derived from two Greek words; holos which means whole, and gramma which means message.

Algebra comes from the Arabic word al-jebr, which means equation by the reunion of broken parts. Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses symbols, mainly letters in place of numbers and quantities and expresses general relationships for members of specified sets.

As I understand it, mathematics and arithmetic are the fundamental tools of comprehension required to manifest in the physical world by making predictions with a great deal of accuracy. Math is the symbolic, short-hand language tool used to measure, quantify and record the observations and experiments of physical science. It is the universal language necessary for communicating the experimental results to others who wish to replicate our observations. Math, next to demonstration, is the most accurate tool for this sharing of knowledge and understanding.

The most practical method to begin with any endeavor of manifestation, is the ability and desire to write as a means of impressing your memory and subconscious with plans or options from which to choose actions. There is a difference between numbers and numerals. Numbers are the abstract, intangible ideas about quantity and measurment, while numerals are the symbols used to identify these numbers in written form. Writing is a form of math because it is using symbols in the form of letters, to represent our experience, and our relationship to the people and objects in it. All this means is that when you write what you have experienced, conceptualized, learned or otherwise discovered, it serves as a reenforcement of the information. Thereby making it more accessible and real to you for future application.

So let us take a moment to review how 3-dimensional holograms are produced, and how I use writing as an analogy for producing the 3-dimensional hologram that is our reality. These are the parts of our equation to solve.

To create a hologram, you use a coherent beam of light, such as a laser and split it into two beams. One half, which is the illumination or object beam, is reflected from the object to be reproduced as a 3D image of light, such as a gold coin, onto a high-resolution photographic plate. The other part of the beam is the reference beam and is directly focused onto the same hi-rez photo plate. The light-wave frequency interference pattern created by the interaction of the two beams, is recorded onto the high-resolution photographic plate. The reason this is done is to record the light scattering pattern that is naturally created by the 3-dimensionality of the coin and recieved by our eyes so when we look at the hologram we are tricked by this replication into thinking it is real by sight alone.

To reproduce the gold coin as a free-standing 3-dimensional image of light, you simply use another coherent beam of light and direct it through the developed photographic plate from behind, in the same direction as the original reference beam
. The gold coin now projected in space will change perspective when viewed from different angles. You would only notice it is not the real coin if you touched it! One way to think of it is like a frame of film that you light up from behind with a projector onto a 2-dimensional movie screen. In the case of a hologram, the “screen” is space, and it is in 3D rather than 2D. Similar to the 3D space the original gold coin requires to exist.

If you cut a hologram into smaller pieces you can still view the whole image from each part, except from a smaller subset of angles. This is the meaning of whole message.

I look at my creative writing in a similar way. A piece of paper or word processor is my high-resolution photographic plate. The desire I may have for a real gold coin, is the original coherent laser beam of my focus. It is then split into two parts. One half, the illumination or object beam -as I recall, visualize or imagine a gold coin, is then “reflected” onto the page or screen with my line of sight. The other half, is the reference beam, which are my hands or action-potential nerve impulses sent to my hands, ready to type or write. The writing that takes place, about my desires and plans of action for earning a gold coin, is the interference pattern of these two “beams” recorded onto the hi-rez photo plate, page or screen. Reading back the written word then, is like illuminating the developed photographic plate, in this case a document or holograph, to produce or manifest a gold coin.

The difference here is that since I did not begin with a real gold coin, just one from desire, memory and ideas about gold coins, it does not manifest immediately in space from nowhere. Just as a 3D hologram of a gold coin in holography is not the real gold coin, only a re-presentation of it. The representation, for review and study, serves as motivation impressed upon the subconscious mind or memory as an option. The document is a piece of film that can be filed away and accessed for proper motivation and review of plans of action.

I also regard this process as a reunion of broken or separate parts. If having a gold coin or more money is my goal, then the lack of money is my random variable “X” to be solved for. Again, I use symbols, mainly letters combined into words to express the actual objects of my desire I do not already possess. By bringing together my desire, imagination, writing, reading and planning, I am able to solve for X. To solve simply means a course of action that effectively deals with a problem. By acting on my plans, I earn a gold coin.

So here you have the idea of how I use writing as an analogy for producing the 3-dimensional holograms of my  reality. Once you understand this concept, all you need to do is use the terms Holographic-Algebra or ArithMetaPhysics as trigger words of the idea. This is the “secret” to this practice of manifestation. The full comprehension that you adopt and adapt from this presentation may serve as a self-implanted post-hypnotic suggestion or embedded command.

This is the key to simplicity and self-hypnosis. Through a thorough understanding of an apparently complex set of ideas, you may then use all of the information by the mere act of recalling, reciting or repeating a few words that contain packets of useful information.

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