Love. Understanding. Compassion. Kindness. (L.U.C.K.)

I am so happy and grateful that I am a people helper.
I am grateful and happy to be helping people, as I am extremely proficient in doing so.

Each and every moment, I am engaged in transactions that benefit all whom it effects.
My time is dedicated to making the best of myself and creating abundance,
So that I am happy and free to share with other people.

I guide others as a friend, and teach them to do for themselves,
As I am learning to do for myself.

The tools and skills of personal responsibility, self confidence and motivation,
Are important gifts that I openly pass on, as they have been passed on to me.

it is a great pleasure to dwell in Love, Understanding, Compassion and Kindness.
My days are full of Peace and Plenty; Joy and Abundance.

What I want for myself, I wish for all others to have the same opportunities.
-A blessed life in spreading joy!

I am so happy and grateful that I am helping people.

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Musical Multi-Media, Guru-GrandMaster, Hakeem Alexander is Exercising Your Mind towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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