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11-29-2014 / 12:30 AM on 99.3 KCLA FM

12-6-2014 / 2:45 AM on 99.3 KCLA FM

12-12-2014 / 2:45 AM on 99.3 KCLA FM

Show Details

December 12th

Another great 15 minute show today!

Featuring California Local legends Vance Loggins, Jessica Felman, Clare Means, and Elodia Agostini!

This production will be broadcast on December 12th 2014 at 2:45 AM on 99.3 KCLA FM!

Internet and mobile devices can stream the show worldwide using the app and the site

This marks my last 15 minute randomly scheduled show in Phase One!

I now have a regularly scheduled Prime Time evey Thursday at 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM.


December 6th

My latest show recorded and ready to air!

Featuring the sounds of Kaisi Berick “The-Siren“, Belladona Anne du Ciel aka Nahualli, and Alon Simone aka IM RIP!

This production will be broadcast at 2:45 AM Pacific / 5:45 AM Eastern on Saturday December 6th 2014

Stream this show around the world with the app and the site

from any mobile device or computer with Internet access!

I will also be making all the shows available On-Demand through my website networks soon!


November 29th

My latest production is ready for broadcast!

Featuring Destructo, I Am Abomination, and Cryptopsy!!

The air date is November 29th at 12:30 AM Pacific Standard Time on 99.3 KCLA FM

It can be streamed world wide from mobile devices and computers through the app and the site

#SIX13RECORDS; #HeavyMetal


Produced, recorded, and ready for broadcast

My latest show Featuring SlipKnot, Born of Osiris, REd COiN, and UniquilibriuM with Donald Dias!

This show will hit the airwaves on Saturday, November 22nd at 2:45 am

Mobile devices and online users can stream worldwide from the site and app found on

My sponsors were Radio Shack, VISA, and I read a Public Service Announcement for Hurricane Sandy Relief by The American Red Cross!


From October 21st 2014:

UpComing Alternative Music Productions In Association With KCLA / 99.3 FM

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