Lucid Day-Dreaming Activator: Set Phasers To 3.7 Delta & Dream Awake

Energizing frequencies for daytime meditation. These pure tones are suggested to be used during the daytime when you want to calm your mind, but not yet ready to go to sleep.

Allow the steady rhythm to help you create an alert yet relaxed state of mind. The frequencies are carried by high energy pulses to keep you alert, while stimulating the Theta and Delta brain to prepare you for a restful sleep when you are ready.

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3.7Hz Delta as difference between 202.5Hz -198.8Hz
7.4Hz Theta as difference between 198.8Hz – 191.4Hz
3.7Hz Delta as difference between 191.4Hz 187.7Hz
There is also a low Delta wave carrier of 0.5Hz flowing in the background.

*** You will best experience the benefits of these audios by listening with stereo speakers placed to the left and right of your head, with surround sound, or stereo headphones. Even if you don’t have these options, the pure, naked tones, notes, vibrations and rhythms will provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for you to feel energized, calm and revitalized.

Each track is designed to be put on loop to extend the time as much as you like without disturbance, or combined with any of the other DemiPhase℠ tracks for a complete, healing, meditation adventure.

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