This Chord In Discord

This Chord In Discord

It feels like a broken finger wanting to play guitar.
It bleeds like a sore throat with a wish to sing.

This hurts too much it can’t be Love.
Love doesn’t hurt like this so I let go.

The only messages you’ll get will be in my songs.
Without you I can play again.

If you desire to know me just listen to the melody.
From a distance please I just let go.

Gone away I can sing again.
If you long to understand then hear the harmony.

This hurts too much and Love is not pain.
It is not Love and never was.

I can play again.
I do sing again.

No more broken and no more bleeding.

You are the discord.
I am in tune with myself.

Do not call again, I won’t hear you.
There is only pain when I am near you.

And that is not Love.
It is something else I do not want.

I am playing.
I am singing.

Without you.

You are a terrible noise.
I am in Love with music.

Walking away to the rhythm of the beat.

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