Amnesia 44 – Inspiring Lyrics And Live Music Video by Alien @ Home

(Inspiring Lyrics And Live Video)

Amnesia 44 by Alien @ Home

Watch the Inspiring Video and Read the Lyrics for Amnesia 44 Below Right Now!

Alien @ Home does it again with an improvised track, called “Amnesia 44” that is as masterful in execution as the guitar, rhythm, voice and lyrics are inspiring.

Donald Dias on Guitar and Hakeem Alexander as the Voice.

This short and to the point Musical Log is just one step further on in the fantastic journey of this pair of passionate and expert musicians and composers!

Also by Donald Dias and Hakeem Alexander as an improvisation is “Motor Ways“! A very fun bike riding music video. Watch that next!!!

LYRICS by Hakeem Alexander

Music by Donald Dias

Amnesia 44 by Alien @ Home

There ain’t nothin’ that we can’t do

There’s MasterMinds, then there’s your foolishness too

You can give up, or you can stand up

Or You can break it own, or you can stay down

But it’s up to you….

Everyday in the Sunlight

Everyday feels like a fight

But will you you scream and shout

Stand up, or will you let yourself get counted out?

Ain’t nothin’ better than wakin’ up

Step out the program and don’t give up

Ain’t nothin’ to do except go on

You better watch yourself and let it flow on

You gotta know these things in all…..

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