Always Faithful (Killing Machine)

(Recorded in Tarzana, CA. in the Chipotle / Starbucks outdoor seating area with my new ZOOM H4n (Handy Recorder)!


Uncle Sam said that he would pay for school if I enlist
All I have to do is go overseas and take out the enemies on his list
And so I am separated from myself, separated from who I really am
They paint this picture of a war and say “enemy combatants” like it’s “US against them”
But I still pick up my sniper rifle and my flak jacket Cuz I’m ready to ship out
And if the world needs a reminder they’re gonna get it cuz the corp is gonna show ’em what it’s about…

I’m a killing machine x 4

Every morning I arose to a scorching sun and hot blazing sands
And all my brothers in the corps seem to think that we’ve arrived in a God-forsaken land
Well maybe that’s because our smart bombs are killing families there’s so much blood on our hands
And some seem to believe that we are the new terrorist regime cuz it comes from the chain of command
But I still do it because

I’m a killing machine x 4

I’ve never stood alone
Out on the battle field
Though sometimes I wish it was a bad dream
I know it is surreal (so surreal)

I’m a killing machine

So now I’m back state-side tryin’ to get a little rest and some peace (yeah right)
Cuz even though my body’s home my mind and soul are still stuck out in the Middle-East
And my psychiatrist he tells me that I’m suffering from something they call P.T.S.D.
But I insist right now as I always will that there aint nothing wrong with me
Cuz don’t you remember it was I who signed those papers and I did so voluntarily
So even though the corps has honed my skills I really believe that I always was
and I will always be

Just a killing machine

Oh no x 4
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  1. Hakeem,
    I really like this. The haunting melody, the minor chords, and the lyrics portray a disturbing story most of us have never experienced. Love and blessings to the men and women in the armed forces for their sacrifices and all that they do.

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