Psyche (soul)

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As sweet as can be.
She takes all the love she has to give,
And gives it tome, yeah, yeah.

Her smile is, well,
The most beautiful smile,
That I’ve seen.
But I watched it fade away from her face
As she withdrew from life, again.

But I…. Have never been denied,
She’s kept me by her side,
And made me feel so right, yeah.

Well she said she was drugged;
Shocked and restrained;
This is the only way to treat her,
I what they explained to me

But I… (yes I did)
Listened to her cries (and I heard)
Yeah Iheard the truth that she was tellin’ me..
Ad saw through their lies, I did.

Now I…. will never be denied;
I’ll stand here by her side;
Ad make this right again.
Pills. and more poppin’ pills,
This is all that the doctors do…
Then send you the bills, oh no
But these “psyches”, (really should)
Be doctoring souls (but instead)
It’s all mind control they just wanna sell pills,
Until you grow old and die.

But I… Will never be denied,
I’ll stand here by her side,
And make things right again…

So I can see her smile;
The most beautiful smile (that I’ve seen)
Yeah I’m gonna see her smiling everyday
If it costs m my life, I will…

Cuz she’s so sweet;
As sweet as can be
And she takes all the Love she has to give,
And gives it to me… yeah, yeah
She gives it to me… yeah, yeah,
She gives it to me…yeah, yeah.

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