play my game

Lyrics and Vocals by Hakeem Alexander
Music by Bob LaDue


not enough time for love
clean it up, sweeeeet…

it’s early morning
time to shake this feeling
lonliness is bleeding
air and this is not fair

wont you be my scapegoat


play my game
but mommy said i couldn’t
you’re a fag
my daddy made me do it
where’s my cash
i told you that i’d pay you for the marijuana tomorrow

OK, but this is the last time i make any loans to you
because you never pay on time and i dont like that

i really do not like that when you do not pay on time
i really do not like that when you dont pay on time
i really do not like that when you do not pay on time

so suit me
not enough
pay your debts
time for love

oh shit this CD is late for BOB, HAKEEM!!

now you’re in big trouble
i think he might hurt you
hide inside a bubble
promptness is a virtue

so i’m a little bit late
whatcha gonna do?
what are you going to do?
what are you… hey!
what are you doing?

is bleeding
is bleeding

and this is not fair x2

time to share this feeling x4

you’re a fag and i don’t care what your daddy did to you
so take that
you don’t have to rub it in
so take that


play my game
play my game
play my game
play my..
dont you wann be my scapegoat

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