And then her voice sang…

This can’t happen anymore. It won’t happen anymore to me! It’s not what I want and I want to be with someone who feels that I am special to him.

I like to have many girlfriends. Though I am not very sexually active,
I am extremely sexual and love to romance and adventure and explore and
have fun. I really just love to experience and be beautiful with lovely
and fascinating people.

I know I sound elitist, but I don’t
think that I am that insecure to do that at this point. When I am ready
it will be because I have played more, been a cherished lover of many,
and reside fondly evermore within the hearts and memories of my
beautiful, sweet scented sisters of Earth.

And you are special. It’s about love with you only, not them.

If you say good-bye; then I’ll be all-right, but not until then. Please let go of me.

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