Holding it Down

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Do you really wanna fight me?
Do you really wanna step to my face and excite me?
No you don’t wanna make me angry
Like David Bruce Banner Hulk Green with envy

I just really wanna cry out, I can’t find a way out
From all this damn human disease

Everyone’s about violence, not peaceful silence
And you’re all lookin at me

As if I’m goin’ crazy
You are the ones who’s thoughts and minds are hazy
Because I can really throw down
Instead I bow down and contain my frenzy

But there’s something I’d like to confess
I’m dreamin’ about a bloody mess
Swimmin’ and bathing in your blood
while I’m chokin’ you out like all the rest

Holding it down!
-It’s such a sweet music
My self control!
-I’m not gonna lose it

Like I said I was dreaming
I wouldn’t really do it; or would I?
With careful scheming

It’s awfully tempting to stab you in the eye
With a pen to hear you screaming

The whole point is I didn’t, I said good riddins’
To my anger as I kept it hidden
‘Cause you’re not worth the time in jail,
No bail, verdict and straight to prison

Everybody thinks that I need to fight to maintain my pride
But they don’t see the battles that I wage every day just to keep the outbursts inside

Demons always try to rise up
They light my eyes up
And in anger I drown

But I manage to succeed
Before any body bleeds
And I’m Holding it down

Its such a sweet music
Holding it down!
I’m not gonna lose it
My self control!..

You see these bloody fields? (yeah) They’re all inside my mind,
I’d never be so cruel to unleash myself on humankind (why?)

Because it would be unfair, If I were to wage a war (oh)
Upon all these lost souls who do not know what they’re in for

Listen to my words and let them be for you a lesson learned
Losing your mind and self control are quick ways to get burned

So just sit back and smile and laugh at all the idiots
And take take your rotten attitude and go get rid of it

Holding it down!
-Its such a sweet music
My self control!
=I’m not gonna lose it… (x2)
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