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Look out for the temptation to seek for authority, to become a ‘master,’ to be considered as one who is above the common herd, to impress others by lavish display, and so on
Wallace D. Wattles
The Science of Getting Rich, 1906

I would have thought this was the craziest thing I have ever written;
but then I re-discovered “Demonology” 1-17-1996. Reader discretion is

Hakeem Alexander 8th Degree GoNad: Hakeem-Do,
CapThaiKido, Preying Menace, & Skits-Ofrenia

When the following post was copied from Budoseek and Craigslist, the formatting was destroyed somehow. What I did was add some spaces between the text to give somewhat of a semblence of paragraphs, otherwise, the original text remains in its original, free written from my head to the web form. Just as I usually write my essays, Enjoy!

I am posting this article for serious martial artists around the
world to view and send comments to me via e mail concerning what you
think about how I have developed as a fighter / martial artist and
where you think my behaviour will lead me. I respect any and all
criticisms whether positive or negative. 

It is copied from a response to inquiries to an ad I placed and is as follows:

Hello potential students, partners, and instructors.I have received an enormous response to my ad on All of them have been very respectful and I appreciate that. I have also noticed that a lot of people would like to know some background information about me and my “style? and about myself which I find refreshing since due diligence is a great factor when investigating a potential associate. I will give a detailed overview of a few things that will surely answer your questions about why I am considered a GrandMaster. Who my former and current Masters are and were, and what does CapThaiKido exactly stand
for. Even this explanation does it no justice. Some may even find my case “invalid” and so it is for them.

My history is quite brutal and bizarre, so I do understand if some of you will not wish to deal with me after this e-mail. If you are still interested after reading this, then please keep your Saturday afternoon free to have a group meeting with me in Hollywood. I will inform you of the exact location and time on Wednesday afternoon via email.

Summary of the following historical rant below: I do not claim any loyalty or lineage to any martial arts, combat, or fighting groups or organisation whatsoever with the exception of my own that I have founded; including the mercinary group “Red Coin” (blood money), International Martial Artists Rebellion (I.M.A.R.) and CapThaiKido (CTK).

My name is Hakeem Alexander, I am 26 years old, African American?, 195 lbs. I, like many other children saw Li Jun Fan (a.k.a. Bruce Lee) in many movies and also ninjas on television and wanted to be just like my favorite Martial Arts heroes. My poor New York City located family could not afford classes so I mimicked movements I saw on-screen and convinced my parents to at least buy me some shurikens (throwing/ninja stars) from China-Town and flung them into any target I could possibly find.

At the age of nine years old two grown men in an old Buick grabbed me while I was walking down the street from school one block away from home in broad daylight and pulled me into their car and began to drive away. I took some of my throwing stars from my pocket and stabbed the passenger who was holding me in the leg and then gored the driver in the throat with another when he
looked over to his screaming partner, leaving the sharp weapons protruding from their punctured flesh. The car crashed into a house. I exited the car and ran home. My parents were not home when I got there because my alcoholic father was probably out drinking getting ready to come home and beat my mother silly after she got home from one of her two or three jobs being the sole provider for six kids (seven if you count my Dad’scondition) -I love my Father very much; but he’s done some wierder stuff than I-

I took a shower and washed off the little bit of blood from my hands and went to my room and thought about what happened under the covers of my bed. I am sure no one has been prosecuted for those two men’s “accident”? because I never told anyone. In retrospect because I was half in shock and thought I had done something horrible to somebody’s house. I wonder, how do you explain that while you were trying to kidnap a nine year old you were thrashed by him and hit a house in the process? I thought that I was a real ninja warrior and promised myself to keep training every day  so that I could fight against bad guys. I have literally never missed a single day of combat training whether informally, on my own or with instruction since that day when I was nine. Never.

My pursuit of formal training actually begins six years after that at age 15 (if you don’t consider the bloody fist fights with my dad starting at age 13? or the runaway street-fights) when a Capoeira Mestre from Brasil, named Jelon Vieira (1st to bring Capoeira to the U.S.) was visiting my new hometown in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. (we relocated because my Dad witnessed a crime and was threatened by a bad guy) At the Broward County Performing Arts Center. He was visiting from New York City to conduct a few workshops. A friend of my younger brother Jamal named Jose Canelo called my brother to invite him but second-handed me the invite when my brother declined knowing I had an intense interest in martial arts and he did not. I went and was awe inspired by this form I had never seen before but was nevertheless able to fluidly pull off some tricky movements within that two-hour demonstration to Vieira’s surprise. I think he assumed Jose and I trained with a local Mestre previously. Shortly after, Jose showed me the movie Only the Strong which features Capoeira and I was once again blown away.

We decided that the five years of us beating each other up in our back yards was enough and found Contra-Mestre Pele of Corpo e Movimento. I trained with Pele and his brother professor Sula for about a year before becoming bored, not by them, my own inattention. This is where the trouble begins. I did not really understand the deep rooted tradition in any martial arts and so I hopped around from there to Capoeira Explosion with brothers (K)Cleber and Kadhino, to Mestre Branca, to Angola Mestre Caboquinho, and literally no less than 10 other Mestres and instructors in South Florida. At the same time I was in and out of jail for my involvement in one too many violent street fights that I am not at all proud of. I even fought in jail.

I was arrested on school campus with deadly homemade nunchukas, tri-sectional staffs, and various other injurious devices. Along with that I was reading ninja books and leading my friends and even once my girlfriend on burglaries to test my espionage skills, which sometimes resulted in my detainment by law enforcement. But not enough to stop my practice to get me to the point where I have never been arrested for spying once since I was 17 because I became a Houdini-like prowler and escape artist. Again no pride in that except the skills built.

At the same time of my Capoeira roguish-ness and in between street fights (I have been stabbed, shot and run down by automobiles) I found time to study other martial arts. One was through a boot-camp like program for troubled teens hosted by the Broward County Boys and Girls Club as punishment for my girlfriend and I for breaking and entering an elementary school I studied Karate and American KickBoxing for a year, at the Same time I studied with one of the most feared Kickboxing Masters in Florida -Master “V? J.K. Vetro? Vitro? (R.I.P.) and his protoge J
ason Camacho (M.I.A.). I was a wrestler in USA wrestling club and was taught by Coach Michael Srock and have myself taught wrestling programs in Virginia and Florida. I have taught mixed martial arts unofficially to members of the Dade County S.W.A.T. team, Broward County Sheriffs Officers, (despite my record United States Navy personnel, University of Miami, and to youth programs like Kids In Dade Society (K.I.D.S.) the South Florida Police Athletic Leagues, etc. I’ve also trained at Steve LaValles’s East Coast Karate, Parks Tae Kwon Do, privately with IBO Light-Heavyweight boxing Champ Jazzy Jay Flowers, National full contact Karate and Tae Kwon Do champ Kelvin Bass and the list goes on.

Besides the trouble I intentionally caused myself by walking into dojangs/dojos and challenging and disrespectfully fightting many instructors and masters (another shameful expression) I have been constantly challenged and fought many top students and teachers from all around the world. I have also participated in hundreds of tournaments, challenges, tough mans, underground, amateur kickboxing matches, and in pro boxing tournaments. I am a nationally certified personal trainer with N.A.S.M. and Red Cross CPR certified.

In California I have trained with Muy Thai, very briefly with Mestre Boneco (Beto Simas) and Capoeira Brasil, Shaolin Fist Kung Fu blah, blah, blah. What does this prove?

Nothing except that I can not stay in one place for long, I am violent, arrogant and rebellious right? Halfway right. I am no longer an instigating violent person. As I become more trained and aware I see less need to prove myself. So, those are a few of my training credentials and fight experience.

How can I call myself a GrandMaster?
Well how does any other intensely trained entity do this? Like Dr. Joo Bang Lee who founded Hwa Rang Do and is called Supreme GrandMaster, or Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, or Li June Fan’s (Bruce Lee’s) Jeet Kune Do, or Master Moon Kang’s Hapkido or several other dandelions who have sprung up from the ground like me. And what of all of the new schools who have formed to meet the challenge of the mixed martial arts movement brought on by the likes of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Vale Tudo, K1, Shidokan, Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu etc. I have founded a martial (military) art. A practical and deadly philosophy based on martial arts, which I have studied with great intensity. Capoeira, Muy Thai and Aikido, not just the movements (which I’ve forgotten most of the names of) but their underlying philosophies as well and the details of hundreds of other forms. I have rebelled. Because

“real martial artists do not just work for their personal success, but for the success and honour of others and their art”.

There are too many franchised “McDojos” out there. This is not just some storefront or business, but a way of life and an honorable identity for future generations. I have rebelled. Like the Okinawan’s, the Koreans, and the Slaves from Africa in Brasil. All I can do is my best. I don’t want to be burdened by anyone else’s rigid and static doctrines or rules, and like a true pioneer and leader I am striking out on my own. I would rather face and I am ready for all ridicule, oppression, and challenges just like any contemporary or ancient master would be subjected to for starting a new movement or revolution. I have not missed a single day of training since I was nine years old. No stops for 15 years, even with broken bones, ill health, depression and other maladies.

I am the GrandMaster of CapThaiKido… or whatever.

-H A-

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  1. Hmmm… I wonder if it is self-deception. Seeing as how this is filed under “Delusions” and starts off with

    “Hakeem Alexander 8th Degree GoNad: Hakeem-Do,
    CapThaiKido, Preying-Menace, & Skits-Ofrenia”

    It’s funny and it looks like it was meant to be. Anyone getting their anonymous panties in a bundle over this at anytime obviously has more issues than a schizophrenic, self-proclaimed grand-master.

    just a thought

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