FearLess and Afraid


You wake up in the morning,
And no one else is there;
Maybe not lonely, but alone.

But I really don’t know,
Because I’m not there.

In the next country, city or land,
Adventure about the world;
Would you prefer to be holding a hand?

Independent and strong,
Maybe you’d rather be alone;
But not lonely…

Who could be your perfect plan?

There when you long to embrace;
Gone when you require your Piscean space.

Or is your true sensual desire,
For a constant companion
To light your fire?

With burning flames of passion rage,
Unleash the beasts out from our cage;
Reading on, let’s turn the page.

And in this book what shall we write?
The heat of day, or the dark of night?
So fearless, yet so filled with fright.

I Am…

All alone and yet not lonely,
Clinging to the traces of your essence;
Fantasizing of one and only.

Tantalizing is your aroma,
Those smiling lips that I once faced;
Mouth watering for just a taste.

This joy;
The opposite of sadness.

Yet it feels like madness…

I know my way but I cannot
Go home.

Though I have not slept,

All those tears I’ve wept

So long ago,
For promises I never would have kept.

But now I know beyond knowing;
This heart about to burst from growing;
Filling of Eternal flowing.

Ready to be whatever seed,
Shall blossom to all you want and need,
In thoughts, in words, and every deed.

If you cry I’ll drown in all your rain,
Kiss away all of your pain;
And do it over and over again.

But this is just a dream…

I wake up in the morning
And no one else is here;
Surely not lonely, but alone.

But you really don’t know,
Because you’re not here.

For whatever it may be,
I move forward into the unknown;
Drinking MoonLight from a stone.

We Are…

So undone, and yet we’ve got it made;
So fearless, and yet so afraid.

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