Sub-Zero-Pointless Eclipse

I have a lot of work to do on myself. And as wonderful as I believe
we could make something, I have nothing to give to you or anyone else.

This I choose to live by, not because all is hopeless. I am not depriving myself of something magical, I am deciding to create something beautiful from my solitude.

I am an empty hollow shell. Void. Sub-Zero-Pointless Wave /  Particle Duality.

Confusion and Delusion.

Infusion of Illusion.

Fission of Vision.

Pulsar, Quasar, Dead-Star.

The Immortal Portal.

The Angle of Angels; Fallen from the Quadrivium into the Trivium.

From Quaternion Geometry into Linear Algebra.

Maybe, I have all I need within me.

Or, I
am just a broken relic that may look tempting on the outside, but I am
really just a shadow of a demon, a hopeless, sad and shallow, barren,
cold and dead, former remnant of a soul.

I am the Black-Hole after the Super-Nova.

The Monster. The Monastery. The Moon-Star. The Rock that Blocks out the Light – ECLIPSE.

“I’ve lost the Sunshine in My Heart. Everything has gone from Light to Dark…” (Without Love)

can only offer you my apology for leading you to think anything was
possible through my marveling at your loveliness. Just be a friend and move on without this idea of “us” in your life.

Never again fall for
my moments of desire. I get carried away and hopeful in the presence of
beauty; but I am not fit for anything like a romantic relationship.

must just admit to myself that if I ever have any hope of salvation by
knowing my self, I must remain romantically uninvolved and live as a
martial monk. An idealized, Capoeira version of Shaolin Monks. If only I was so dedicated.

I should not go on thinking my purpose is anything other than this. What more can I do other than make better of myself? On the periodic table, I am the Noblest Gas; destined to be joyfully alone.

Please, leave me to myself.

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