Invincium: A New Metal.

Hakeem Alexander

Invincium [Fractallium].

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A new metallo-crystallographe.
Iterative procedures
Nobelium X-ray diffraction analysis.
Dense planes of 5-fold axes.
Intermetallic occupational ambiguities.
Rethink Os-Au-In dendrimer copolymers.
Enneagonal superspace.
Oneironautic implanted nano, self-assembly.
Math rules a quasicrystal,
Aperiodic packing pattern Si-Ni-Cu.
Unrepeatable icosahedral.
Untranslatable mosaic periodicity.
Golden atomic ratios
Incommensurately Sm-Zr modulated.
Discreet rotating polarization.
                            (1  t  0 -1  t  0)
M=  (t2 +1 -1/2)  (t  0  1  t  0 -1)
                            (0  1  t  0 -1  t)
Entropic phason stabilization.
Magnitudinous orders of intensity distribution.
Binary Hexaplanarity.
Bio-engineered structural components.
{solid-state Hakeemistry}
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