Unresolved Snowflakes

A collection of Haiku: 5-7-5

Can I change the world
With such great inner struggles
Yet still unresolved?

I take and I give
Like a savior and a thief
I’d die just to live

A mystical wealth
Resides within each of us
Yearning to be mined

Straying from your place
Like a tiger in the woods
Quickly losing face

When the heart feels cold
And the night seems not to end
Play capoeira

Conflicting data
Conspiracy theories
Confusing the truth

Arctic summer white
Bathing in the waking sun
Tasting the snowflakes

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  1. This poem is full of hope for me. Unresolved Snowflakes also makes me feel like when things get complex it feels good to regress back to simplicity, which in a sense, we should never divert far from in the first place. (Love the title by the way!)

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