Family Reunion

A man who lost his wife crossed the desert one night with his son.
Seeing his son atop his camel in the dark after having been advised not to do so,
So that the camels may have full strength to carry the men during the day’s heat,
The father had this to say to his son:
“If you continue to ignore my advice, you will be left with your camel alone in the desert to die.”

The son apologized, climbed down, and walked next to his animal until they stopped for sleep.
After a meal the next evening, the father looked up to his son in the night, riding once again
And spoke his disapproval:
“Continue ignoring my advice, and you will be left with your camel alone in the desert to die.”
As he did the night before, he apologized and walked the rest of the way.

During a full moon the next evening, the son rode his beast when he tired.
This time, the father said nothing and the boy rode onward.

The following day, before sundown, a terrible sandstorm approached the men from behind.
They urged the animals forward, but it soon became apparent to the father
That his son’s camel could not keep up.

The father stopped and demanded his son to exchange animals.
While the young man raced out of the storm and into safety,
His father perished as he was swept away by the blazing sands and fierce winds.

The young man traveled for a few more days.
But without his father’s guidance, he lost his way.
Soon he was wandering aimlessly about with his camel,
Alone, in the desert, and died.

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