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Following is from a thread that I have beaten back to life just to kill again. I resurrected it because one of the posters just could not leave it alone. After I feigned submision with this obviously sarcastic line:

Uh Oh!, I guess I’ve been BullShiDOWNED and discovered as a fraud, scam, and BSer in the Martial Arts. I apologize to all of you real Martial Artisists and feel greatly ashamed for trying to fool so many people. I guess now I will crawl back into the hole from which I came. I guess it is time to either enter a few new tournaments or just shut the f$%k up. Thanks for the insight, clarity, and vision you have provided me with.
Fare well

Which I deduce was NOT seen as sarcastic by me, because they bought it and thought they had actually shut me down in their own sad little way.

The poster, who calls him or herself “Scrapper”, saw a video highlight of some amateur fights I did 10 years ago, and uploaded to the site’s video forum, decided to post the link of the original thread that someone started about me on the site, making remarks about my footwork still being “raw as hell”. Clearly he had not read any of the supplemental material that showed it ws “The Beginning” of my self taught practice being introduced into competition.

The normally well intentioned guys at BULLSHIDO (that’s sarcasm too) decided to bring me into their [MAB] martial arts bullshit forum to cast me as a fraud, or scam artist in the martial arts. This last long winded post of mine from earlier today sums it up. I am posting it here because I have no other category for it and I usually save everything that I write if I can help it.

Interestingly, The Legend Frank Shamrock, recently wrote a Mixed Martial Arts for Dummies book. In the introductory material before he gets into anything specific about fighting tecniques, he writes a little about credentials for instructors. In itself, it destroys all of the BULLSHIDO communities flawed arguments against me teaching. Shamrock writes:

“Don’t worry if a potential instructor doesn’t have belts and trophies covering his walls. Whether an instructor has competed professionally is really a non issue. In fact, some professional fighters aren’t the best instructors.”

They argue that I am a fraud if I take money with claims of grandmastery, which has NEVER happened. Besides the fact that it was BULLSHIDO that made my self appointed title of GrandMaster of my own practice public. It is really stupid what they have done with information about me that was apparently misinterpreted through their eager yearnings to out fakers. It is all they do.

My position is that I have every right to teach something I am good at, without having gone through the same type of system others have due to my own powerful desire and dedicated study and practice. I only wish it amuses you at least a fraction of how it tickles me. Ridiculous.


[QUOTE=Scrapper;2202394]It was toughman stuff in the vid. No real opponents.

Hakeem…I knew you would say all that. Please read again the part about IMPLICIT versus EXPLICIT.

You can call yourself a Grandmaster all you want. You have no credibility.

If you are taking money from people to teach them based upon your claims of grandmastery, then you are a fraud. [/QUOTE]

You knew cuz your psychic; right. I assure you I will enjoy the rest of this site BULLSHIDO and finally give you people a rest and concede to your wishes to let it go. But I must retort once more just for sake of an amusing cyber-debate if nothing else.
I have NEVER led ANYONE to believe that I hold any LEGITIMATE martial arts credential so your argument has NO WEIGHT! Through careful re-reading of the posts about me on this thread NONE of your arguments against have any weight what-so-ever. And by legitimate I am sure you mean from some bureacratic, established organization that oversees this sort of thing. Everyone that takes the time to discuss it with me knows I abhor that type of sytem. I do my best to trump it every chance I get.

“I do not claim any loyalty or lineage to any martial arts, combat, or fighting groups or organisation whatsoever with the exception of my own that I have founded; including the mercinary group “Red Coin” (blood money), International Martial Artists Rebellion (I.M.A.R.) and CapThaiKido (CTK).”

EVERYONE who speaks to me about fighting skills knows I am an outcast self-taught rebel who has decided to bounce around to learn from different people and have enhanced my natural abilities through persistent, logical and intelligent practice with many different sparring partners, street-fights, tough-mans as you call them and other events.�ature=channel_page

This is a great video, which by the way, one of this guys videos was posted on BULLSHIDO to support a ninja thread. SwordSage is his YouTube name. It is basically my train of thought in fighting.

For you to say that it is not about credentials anymore, but about credibility is merely backstepping because you know you are wrong.

My credibility is shown by the OBJECTIVE FACT that professional boxers, black belt martial artists and kickboxers, jiu-jitsu practitoners who I work with at Bodies in Motion Encino and Northridge, call me first to teach their classes when they need a sub when many others are available to choose from. Oh, and none of them know that I call myself a GrandMaster because the only place that was ever publicly announced was a here on BULLSHIDO and before in a PRIVATE message that then became public. So it is not that they call me to teach for them because of a title they think I hold or anything I have IMPLIED.

It is because of postitive results, which lends itself to positive feedback and my continued success. I am an outstanding practitoner of whatever I choose to do and help other people by sharing my self-taught knowledge in Healthy-Livinf and Self-Defense.

They would not continue to call me if I was not doing a great job. This goes for other systems I have gone a non-traditional route to learn such as Yoga and Pilates, which I have been teaching for more than 4 years now. People have been hurt by others with certifications in these disciplines, like personal trainers, coaches, fitness class gurus etc and I have never had this happen, and recieve high praise and regard for this. This can be verified by calling the establishment.

I know the human body very, very well because I choose to spend every day and more than 15 hours every day dedicating myself to the study of it and the mind and spirit. I study, practice and teach every day. This very simple formula: STUDY-PRACTICE-TEACH; I have been using daily and with the goal
of engaging only in transactions that benefit all whom it effects as a foundation. I stick to these philosophy religiously. It serves me quite well.

BTW. Many of my opponents were trained wrestlers from USA wrestling, some boxers from PALs and other gyms and martial artists for example, from Steve LaBalle’s East Coast Karate and Capoeira Explosion to name a few. The fact that I only have that event on video, and that it was not sanctioned by some red taped governing body means nothing about credibility. It is only your opinion.

Regardless of what you say, I have pressure tested myself in a way I felt appropriate in the street against dangerous people who of course were non-compliant and in amateur, tough man and other forums.

I have factually, and anyone who knows me through every stage of my life from 10 yrs old forward will testify that I have never, ever, missed a day of training how to fight. Even when I was in jail, homeless or the mental hospital. It is this very dedication which led me out of that crap.

I thank you guys for your dilligence. But by not considering the facts that I do not claim a lineage, and that I never said I got credentials or credibility from anyone, is a LIE on your part and IDIOCY from anyone who would follow that lie.

To make your arguments against me you have lied or misread what I have posted which is still published and available for examination.

All you people are defending are simply your own opinions about how a martial artist or a martial art develops. You are DEAD WRONG about me, nothing you write or say can change that.

Stick to the Ashida Kims, Yellow Bamboozlers, Ninjers, Head stomping Willie Dennis’ and other fakirs. The only thing SAD about this thread is that some fool decided to start it in the first place and that I actually thought you were intelligent people who were either mistaken or mislead; and attempted to remedy such mis-representation.

Apparently what you are lacking is the understanding through experience what someone who is dedicated can do on their own BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER ACCOMPLISHED OR DARED TO ATTEMPT TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT I HAVE ENDEAVORED TO DO WITH MY LIFE AND EXPERIENCES.

The evidence shows you are just a bunch of conformists who live in a limited world of brainwashed fantasy SCARED and terrified by anything that does not fit in with your childish status quo and box that you choose to live in.

If y’all can help it -Stop being stupid people.�ature=channel_page


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  1. My dearest friend,
    There is an aphorism that I love:

    When the elephant walks by, the dogs nip at his feet.

    Every great teacher and thinker in the world has had his credibility challenged and even worse. Many have paid with their lives for their beliefs. Jesus, Osho, Columbus, Gandhi, Kennedy…the list goes on and on.
    Persecution is the way of the masses, those who fear Truth and resent the in-dwelling, apparent peace of the seeker/thinker/teacher.
    You soar way beyond and above the masses. I love you and never doubt for a moment what you can and will accomplish in this incarnation.

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