Killing the Friend

Sinking into my abductress
Feeling the void in my skin
Carnage is spoiling and senseless
The people have caved me in.

Circling in a pool of lightning
Drifting to a part of the Sea
Crumbling and crashing mountains
Foundations are falling to me.

Where is the nuisance?
People are derived from hate
In a real life’s sense
Visitors don’t enter the gate.

Find me a place to stay
In my rivers where my life begins
Cut an exit to flow away
Red valleys flow out from within.

Self-inflicted pain
I scream out my God’s name
And used in vein (sic)
For my loss I am to blame.

This is not for me
All I wanted, all I need to be
I cannot fight again
Not against my only friend
whom it seems is myself
Annihilating my own Knowledge and health.

About Hakeem "Mordekai" Alexander 220 Articles
Musical Multi-Media, Guru-GrandMaster, Hakeem Alexander is Exercising Your Mind towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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