SIX13 Records on 99.3 FM KCLA From the Heart of Hollywood, California

UpComing Show BroadCast Schedule You can listen to the show anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection using the site and the app on The times listed are according to Pacific Standard Time (PST) in Los … Continue reading

UpComing Alternative Music Productions In Association With KCLA / 99.3 FM

Independent Producer: Hakeem Alexander In Association With KCLA FM / 99.3 FM Los Angeles [Saturday] (10-11-2014) Just produced and recorded an alternative music program featuring SlipKnot, Rap Carnage and Born of Osiris! The show was awesome. It will be airing … Continue reading

Lay My Heart To Rest

Lay My Heart To Rest – VIDEO Ever since I founded my independent record label, SIX13 RECORDS back on Friday, June 13th 1997: I have made it a point to record and release at least one song on the date … Continue reading

Turning Green By INDENJU As The Next Recorded Version On Video

As The Next Recorded Version On VideoTurning Green By INDENJU You also want to watch “Killing Machine” and listen to “Anti-Terrorist“ Turning Green 2010 LYRICS: If I could save the world, I would not lift a hand. Instead I … Continue reading

Motor-Ways by Alien @ Home -Music Video

“Motor-Ways” by Alien at Home Live Improvised Track by Donald Dias on Guitar AND Hakeem Alexander on Vocals Video Shot On BlackBerry Curve Phone Riding Bicycle On Reseda Boulevard in Northridge California Watch The MUSIC Video NOW … Continue reading