Chimpin’ Is Pimpin’: 3 Easy Steps!

3 Easy Steps!

Chimpin’ Is Pimpin’

Listen to this exciting, broadcast from Hakeem Alexander, featuring 4 jaw-dropping, fist-pumping, and foot-stomping tracks from The Chimpz!


Between now and January 2nd 2015, you must get as many votes in as you can in favor of The Chimpz through the LoudWire Battle Royale!

Listen to the PodCast right now and learn for yourself exactly why Chimpin’ is Pimpin’

In 3 Easy Steps!!!

Watch the new music video “California” by The Chimpz; Vote for The Chimpz on the LoudWire Battle Royale; and buy The Chimpz new Self Titled Album!

  1. Watch the music video for California by The Chimpz here ->
  2. Vote for The Chimpz on LoudWire here ->
  3. Buy The Chimpz New Self Titled Album here ->


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