Without A Breath

Breath taken away at a glance

Held so close without the dance

I throw away a friendship’s romance

Never really gave you a chance

Doomed from the meeting by descending in love
Not really what it was
Something else like nightmares
I am your bad dream indeed

The worst of all.

Because you never would call

Wrapped in darkness and deception

Where is the violin in the desert?

Yes my mind is blurred, a twisted perception.

I killed it as soon as you gave it breath and life
I caused the fault to crumble in the quake
The most horrible hallucination
I am the grandest illusion.

The greatest of all.

I cursed you when I followed you off the tracks

Forgive the terror I can never take it back

This karmic dogma has me falling through the cracks

You live in light and beauty while wrapped in solid black

I destroyed what I created
The best would have been to let you be
Instead of my terrible imagination
I was the most abrasive delusion

The corrosion of all.

About Hakeem "Mordekai" Alexander 220 Articles
Musical Multi-Media, Guru-GrandMaster, Hakeem Alexander is Exercising Your Mind towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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