Cast Into The Darkest Black

Cast Into The Darkest Black

* How do I break you apart from me?

It’s like you’ve become a part of me.

* The only way I can forget you is dying

If I were to say I care not, I’d be lying

* As sure as you are filled with light, I am filled with pain

Today the skies are blue and yet upon me is only rain

* The black clouds follow me everywhere that I go

I am the problem and this is the truth you should know

* For I could never handle you as your love is too great

I am nothing but a lie and crying over you is my fate

* I could never have such great fortune to savor your taste

It is the right thing for me to lie in agony as away to dust I waste

* I  would only be your nightmare truly holding you back

It is my fate and your salvation that I’m cast into the darkest black

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Musical Multi-Media, Guru-GrandMaster, Hakeem Alexander is Exercising Your Mind towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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