Thor Bored by Alien @ Home (with lyrics and music player)

All days, that have found their way…
Victorious and, covered in the blood of their foes.

Cut down by their mighty blades
Empty the face
Cage crumbling
As the flood rise

Caught in a hammer
Broken to pieces
Struck with the hammer
Falling apart

Cut of the Carriage Wheel
Severing spines and the torso disconnects from the bottom half
Samurai says: everyday to sharpen and clean your blade
For the most effective slice
So you don’t have to hack twice

You might …
Struck with the hammer
broken to pieces
Struck with the hammer
Breaking apart
Breaking apart
Breaking apart

Struck with a hammer
Falling apart
Struck with a hammer
Breaking to pieces…

Falling apart…


H-I should break something…
H-I should break something.
D-What should you break?

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