Devil Country [Book Review]

February 3, 2013

One of the most captivating works of creative non-fiction / fiction I have aver read. Hilarious, engaging and insightful!,

Devil Country is one of the most “un-put-down-able” stories I have ever
read! There is so much character, depth, charm, charisma, human
interest, history, glamor, excitement, fantasy, emotion, drama, and
soooo much more.

I was not sure what I would think of Devil
Country or if I would deem it worthy of taking a break from my intense
pre-occupaton with entrepreneurial pursuits, but Devil Country pulled me
away from that work more than once and has even been an inspiration to
my business and work life.

There is so much amazing that is woven
into this story in such a seamless way that it is nearly impossible to
put down once you begin reading.

I would suggest that you clear
your schedule and prepare to laugh, learn and be thrilled by this
fantastic web of fantasy and reality delivered in a non stop over-dose
of highly entertaining, fun-filled and sometimes tear-jerking tale!

Craig Spivek should definitely be considered as one of the greats among writers for this offering of Devil Country.

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