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As I rise up from my death.
Having taken my last breath.
My skin covered in mud
My only thirst now is for blood
Woe me

I feel so KOLD…
I feel so KOLD…
I feel so KOLD!!!
I feel so KOLD…

My neck bears my makers mark
I mostly rise up after dark
Now every day I feel so cursed
I no longer want this thirst.
Not me

It feels so KOLD…
It feels so KOLD…
I feel so KOLD!!!
So d**m KOLD

I feel so KOLD!!! x 3

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  1. Thanks for listening Gaby! I am often able to write this type of lyrics and assume the feelings of what could be viewed as a fictional character; but somehow the songs choose me. As if they are autonomous -having a life of their own, choosing me as the instrument of expression.

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