Serpent in my Mind

Breathing heavily,
I climb upon a lone glacier
Ascending from the freezing water below.
The Sun is shinning brightly
Though I can barely feel its warmth.

In my Center I feel a Flame emerging and
A Serpent writhes about in my barren mind.
There is a fading into Night and
My comfort follows Absolute Darkness.

I fall from upon my perch of Ice
Into what should have been the Sea;
Instead, there is an emptiness that never ends
So I learn to fly to
Reverse my descent and control.

I have not yet chosen my Words and
This is as it should be.
For Silence is my envy.
Lies are so familiar and why this remains only confuses,
But inspires the Destruction.

I abandon Fear to Die alone and
Face within what must meet with my resistance.
I call upon Love to guide me into her arms
That I find so soothing,
So safe, and so Beautiful.

About Hakeem "Mordekai" Alexander 220 Articles
Musical Multi-Media, Guru-GrandMaster, Hakeem Alexander is Exercising Your Mind towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom through Healthy Living and Self-Defense.

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