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An example of my infamous “Dry and Questionable Sense of Humour“.

This is a collection of what I call “Interactive Creative Non-Fiction“. Here, I found a site called BULLSHIDO.net that exposes frauds, scams and BS in martial arts. I “trolled” the site and basically messed around using real events in my life strewn together with some insane stuff to use for future creative writing and publicity. It is quite ridiculous and pretty funny at times as these boys get pretty creative with their rants and insults. It was fun.

Original thread including the BULLSHIDO.net member posts

(1-30-2005)This is Hakeem. I am in the San Fernando Valley (Tarzana). I teach fitness at Bodies in Motion Encino and privately. You can contact me by VM or page at 818 828-0037. I welcome inquiries and visits from anyone who wishes to open up a MATURE dialogue. This is a really great site, I am glad to be featured on it!
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Anyone know of any good tournaments around the hood coming up that I can fight in? CapThaiKido does not exist any more because I stole the name from a bad ass group in Florida temporarily. It is Just Hakeem-Do for now. I am 27 now. www.crew.actorsite.com Evil Laughter.
Thers are a whole lot of people who can defeat me in combat.
Those are whom I learn from.
“Only the cliffs face the tempest” -Mestre Bimba
“Take what works for you and discard the rest” -Bruce Lee
“Why this rage it fails to die, this rage I wonder why?” -Hakeem Alexander

(2-04-2005) MY MENTOR SAYS
“Let me give you a good example of why I do not like cults or sects in the martial arts” -pg 60

“To be bound by traditional martial art style or styles is the way of the mindless, enslaved martial artist, but to be inspired by the traditional martial art and to achieve further heights is the way of genius” -pg 61

“The trouble is that circumstances must dictate what you must do. But too many people are looking at ‘what is’ from a position of thinking ‘what should be’. “-pg 63

“Method, which in it’s very substance ignorance, encloses it within a vicious circle. We should break such circles not by seeking knowledge, but by discovering the cause of ignorance.” -pg 390

Jungar: From what sect do you come?
Cord: From myself
Jungar: What is your acknowledged style of fighting?
Cord: My style. -pg 327

“So I hope my fellow martial artists would open up and be transparently real, and I wish them well in their own process of finding their cause. -pg 392

Exerpts from Bruce Lee-Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee’s commentary on the martial way

“Walk on.” pg 392

“Walk on home boy!!!”
-Pantera – from the album “Vulgar Display of Power.
Defeat and victory are both mine. Just as shame and pride. A man can take his life experience and call it whatever he wishes.

Have you ever been afraid of what might be inside of you? I have been but no more, because my demons have been defeated. I am no more ashamed of a life growing up in poverty and abuse and making a great life for myself than any one of you should be for accomplishing something and trying to share it with others. Any person who can defeat their own demons can defeat anything or anyone else. GrandMaster is just a stupid word.
My first post on this site requested that I could be responded to with a MATURE dialogue. Few to none have had the self sense and reservation to do so. I wonder how any one of you could even have the mental power to practice martial arts. Most of the people posting on this site with the exeption of one have made any sensible comments on what they have found. It shows no level of self control for a group of people to hurl profanities and insults on a website like a bunch of schoolyard children.
Some person posted on the site “I like how he ignores everyones points” as if I am supposed to acknowledge a romper-room version of communication. NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) states a theory which reads. “Communication is only as good as the response you get” -Well, the communications have meant nothing to me and still do not. when I posted that anyone wishing to contact me should do so maturely was meant to be taken literally, not for it to be twisted into an excrement tossing festival. Human beings are such herd creatures. One person jumps onto a post and insults like a truly mad individual and all follow like a troop of mellings. I am a sad man? I was a sad man yes, but have long overcome that. which is more than most can say of their own failings. What inner reflection do you project when you call another names? I have recognized and destroyed mine at an age where most are still living with mommy and daddy. Just because a fool can punch messages into a keyboard does not mean he can punch a face. This goes for me as well. The official record of my many face punchings and kickings lie within the records of the Broward County Sherrif’s Department.

Look up Neil Muson of the Sherrif’s Department in Ft. Lauderdale Florida if you wish. I trained him. Or Natasha Neva Alexander in the US Navy in Ohio. Or How about Dexter E. Fletcher of the Miami Dade S.W.A.T. Team. Or James Flowers “Jazzy Jay” Former IBO Light HeavyWeight Champ. Mestre Pele of Corpo e Movimento.
How many of you have had to defend your mothers from an alchohol crazed father? Your sisters from being raped? From being raped yourself by your own flesh and blood? From being kidnapped? How many are still sane enough to function at a high level in society and actually use the experience to help others? I am a Hypnotherapist in California, a musician, a writer, a Fitness Trainer, an artist, a fighter. I actually truly help others change their lives for the better every day instead of the easy road of perpetuating a life of potential insane criminality. How many of you have done so? How many?!! And I am attacked by what seems like a chat room filled with those who still wet their beds and scream when the room is dark? If anyone wants to bath in blood, mine or yours I am open to your wishes and desires. If you expect me to take you seriously then come to me, for I will no longer waste my valuable time “punching” the keys on this lifeless machine. If you do not know where to find me by now you are either too blinded by your fear or too stupid to justify killing.
Uh Oh!, I guess I’ve been BullShiDOWNED and discovered as a fraud, scam, and BSer in the Martial Arts. I apologize to all of you real Martial Artisists and feel greatly ashamed for trying to fool so many people. I guess now I will crawl back into the hole from which I came. I guess it is time to either enter a few new tournaments or just shut the f$%k up. Thanks for the insight, clarity, and vision you have provided me with.
Fare well.

-Hakeem Alexander
From: http://www.myspace.com/hakeemalexander, Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bullshido.net – I’m Featured!!!….as a fraud!
Category: Sports

I am featured on this site below as a fake, B.S. and fraud martial artist. I thought it would be interesting and fun if you all could see what it’s like to be attacked verbally from all sides. The only opinion I have about its content, is that it is indeed interesting.
cut and paste the address below into your web-browser and check it out….have fun!


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