Creative Non-Fiction

(Incite for Insight)

I will not pretend to know what anyone else assigns to this term, if it is used by others. For me, it is basically a fictional story using the names, places, and “twisted” events of people, places and events that I have experience with. Using real nouns provides me with quick access to an available skeleton with which to “flesh-out” my “psycho-dramas”. Creative Non-Fiction is a delusion based rambling that is so intermingled with reality that the separation of the fact and fiction is severely disturbed.

Most of my verbal-audio art-work is of this sort. I just write things because I want to and have no qualms about “airing out my dirty laundry” or “shameless self promotion”. Poetry, music, short-stories and the like. Even though I blur the lines between reality and delusion, it should not be that difficult to distinguish between a therapeutic article and some wild tale with an absured title when you encounter one of my rantings.
However, if you do, and something disturbs you and begs clarification; for the love of truth, please inquire to the source (ME) and not second parties, third parties and such. That type of idiotic investigation has troubled more enegy than is tolerable or necessary for most, and will only resort to further confusion.

In conclusion, it would be wise to consult me (from a safe distance if you prefer) before you go running of to the newspapers with stories of me being an axe-wielding, sodomizing, brain-washing, con-man, criminal, ninja-warrior-wannabe, living amongst the unknowing masses.

I may very likely begin to utilize Creative Non-Fiction as a type of therapy for some of my clients, as I can now fully comprehend just what sort of psychological and emotional impact that this sort of experience-blending has on the human psyche.

-H A-

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